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Explaining the Difference Between SSD NVMe and M2 SATA and mSATA

Hello guys my self siddik khan

Today I gonna try to explain what the difference between hard drive and 2.5 inch SSD and where m e and M point to SATA and M SATA the difference in this and drives is in difference type of connection to the laptop or PC Maas boat if you compares 2.5 inch hard drive and the SSD is the same 2.5 inch form factor you will see that the connection interface is the same cell type that is if you want to replace your old hard drive with a fast SSD drive there will be not problems because the SATA interface is compatible with other type of connection set 1 SATA 2 or set free but unfortunately you can't install endpoint to ssj in socket of SATA hard drive it is physically impossible you also cannot install endpoint to SSD in socket of the M SATA this dries as you can see also have different socket connection with the hard drive and SSD with 2 point inch form factor everything quite simple and just without any problem you can replace M Zeta because this type of drive is available only in one form factor and with one type of connection we still have one point to a CD with different size with different bus type with different case and from this many people have confusion what kind of friend point to assess this should I buy when upgrade in my computer ok let's talk about M point to SSD in point to assess he has a different size there only four of them 22:13 22:42 22 16 and the most popular 20 to 80 the first two numbers indicate the with with the board the second two number are the length as the row it is indicate how long the endpoint to was about support now let's turn on the types of M point to drive I am going to starch can be in SATA and envy him eeeek types so what was the difference between name point to Satan and M point to nvme SATA M point to SD and 2.5 inch SSD has the same specifications and went to envy him in to work on the PCI Express bus and this are completely different in difficut that is much higher than the SATA bus to explain very briefly nvme is type of bosses it works much Boston has in the SATA boss for example modern motherboards used set of three who is maximum speed of 600 megabytes per second and where AM II Drive provides right speed up to 3500 megabytes per second this is seven times more than SATA yes these two boards are very similar in appearance but her face light difference in the connections of it as a role and point to SATA supports two keys M plus B the end point to end of a.m. he drive working on the PCI Express bus will have only one M key what does this all mean I show with explain and point to set about which the M plus B K can be installed in most slots while the endpoint to nvme with the MK is physically impossible to install in the be slot so pay attention to which slot installed on your computer mouse about how it looks in practice take for example the asus motherboard as it has m point to socket under the km on board which means that you can install the hem point to Satan you can also install endpoint to nvme SSD also the connection does not interfere all the same is laptops let me show you on my Asus laptop on the motherboard of this laptop there is socket 4m point to SSD also under 1 km and therefore you can connect em point to Satan and also M point to and where MV but here is a question may arise whether the ham point to end where AM II will be compatible with your laptop for example an a so six five seven zero laptop of the detector which type am point to SSD is connected and in most modern laptop has abuse after the tip to drive many manufactures install on the motherboard slot for M point two with zk m and who is a support of the boss to choose SATA or PCI Express let us you by am going to SATA or m2 and vm e and any or drive civil work but there are cases when the most boat works only one of two buses and does not support for example the near end by any extended or the old SATA to make sure that say your motherboard is compatible with assisting in point to drive I will show you an example with one of the Maserati faces enters abuse has an inside white section and finds a line m point to configuration then in the drop-down mini you can see in the demos about support SATA and PCI Express bus and therefore I am going to a SATA and M point to nvme will won't concise Muslim but it is also worth considering that such setting might not be in your bills but at the same time your laptop or PC will detect and work with was am going to theta and I am going to nvme therefore first Terry is a specification of your laptop or Moz board before buying and point to a CD storage what to do if you're bought I am going to say them but didn't shake the presence of em point to a socket on Moz bot and your laptop on the spot two point five set standard in this case as a risk wide load choice of different adapters for all this added to the side wave link in the description where you can buy them such adapter allows you to connect and point to SATA and make it a standard 2.5 inch SSD storage but if you try to connect em point to nvme drive to such data you will not success because the connector is not compatible there are also debtors for EM Satan storage that make the 2.5 set standard out of it even for the 20 to 30 M point to SATA standard there is a chapter that converse M point to say that two M SATA after which you connect to the data again and make 2.5 SATA yes here is a sandwich but it works well I hope this video was useful for you to all adapters and type of storage you will find links in the description under the video and if you have question about compatible of drive with your laptop or PC ask them in the comments 

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