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Samsung fold 2 upgrades

what's up siddik khan here so i was talking to my friend recently he asked me which phone i was using and it was a galaxy note 20 ultra sitting in front of me so i said oh good so how do you like it and this is the time when i should try to get all my thoughts and my tests together and my experience is like one easily digestible sentence to you who knows a normal everyday person who is not in the world of technology and what came out of my mouth was really good but also 1,300 so it is better and therefore when I go back I think about it and combine all thoughts my in this full review you guys thought it just came back to me and more because at this price you only see phones for the first test type or flags of the best bleeding limit the company has to offer and this is the best 1300 so it should be top of the line what is basically everything until you think it is worth b uying and note 20 ultra for me kind of life up to that for the first time this is the most beautiful samsung phone ever made in my opinion the kind of matte soft touch finish on the back of the boxy flat top and bottom of the razor small bezels chamfers on all

 metal rails and edges even with this color this mysterious bronze is not unusual to look like kinda pink from other arms but also also rises gold from other angles but actually loves it and I love it Contrary to the black camera camera so everywhere as i said from the first i took this metal and glass wire in my first video it sounded quality and with Samsung flags there is always a lot of little things that also add to make those feelings a premium experience of things we would have to worry about and we complain about them if they were not at this price but they are here so the vibrator is a very high quality ultrasonic same for fingerprint reader the reader is back here and it is very fast there is a wireless charging here wireless charging here is water resistant and ip68 all things we like to take for granted that they are in the samsung flagship but all here and there is just no headphone jack and i think the two main things that make this an ultra note is the display and the s pen so the display at the risk of sounding like displaymate is plus plus but is a awesome screen it's a 6.9 inch quad hd super amoled display it has hdr 120 standard hertz certificate to reshape a small hole punch on top of medium light and very low light it shines well that even if it is a good screen but there is a believer or not both good nok bad on this ultra screen because it's really big and has curved edges and yes i've got an accidental touch from time to time and i think that happens a lot because of exercise you need to carry something so big a screen like this i said before and i'll also say i'm on the side of choosing to go back to the flat display but this is not flat but also that there is a large display directly at the edges and a small hole cut means that that makes the media experience strong even though I would say maybe my only disappointment is the hardware on this phone the speaker system not that it is not bad at all it is easy to block that speaker below and is a couple stereo. with something in my ears but in spite of its support for dolby ammo I would have been impressed with the actual quality or the fullness of the sound from the specs speakers after the display ended this as you would expect if you did not already know the snapdragon 865 plus and this unit has 12 gig ram now you also know that that combined with the 120 hertz display is all I want on a smartphone these days you heard me talk about a high level of refreshment it does the other way the flag here in the note and yes i still like it there were no problems with performance and smoothness in my use it was good and behind the note display is like the ultrasonic fingerprint reader we saw on the s20 ultra and it is amazing and popular like last year special here and get 4,500 milliamp hour battery now i'm old enough to remember when the samsung galaxy note was like a big battery phone it was a champ champ it was a phone we nerds would take from ces because it was just a battery you couldn't kill in one day not that you know you can shock you can kill this hour battery 4,500 milliamp with giant 120 hertz display you can use it all the time you can kill it even if it is not quad hd but with normal use of 20 ultra battery it is as good as six hours on screen time consuming 15 to 25 batteries left over and I have no problem with that especially when this phone supports 45 watts ging and there is a wireless charging so it is better if you want a battery of the next generation added than other phones that include the brother of this phone s20 ultra which is similar to the same pen removal form that 5,000 hours milliamp battery so it's better but this is good ok let's talk about the camera there's a lot more I can say about this camera as you can just imagine but I'll try to keep it short here first of all this camera blast is great and there are some phones with big cameras backing up great camera programs but something about this is just a straight shelf like s20 ultra or round or you know a double shelf like others trying to hide it

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