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Apple Watch Series 3 Review

Today we will look at the Apple 3 watch series these things are known to be somewhat expensive but I actually think this is worth a look to enable this device to continue and see what is different if you have an old watch Apple will know that it takes less time to set up but this new Apple watch is using this time to teach you some of Apple's controls and buttons now the specific model I have today is 38 millimeter Nike + Space Gray aluminum GPS series 3 Apple Clock and -anthracite Nike sport band and that passes Monday first things first let's talk about the display on this device this is a very small thing oh this ddisplay actually uses the same front panel as the Apple watch series 2 now the fix issue does not matter when it comes to a small device but to anya is a paper that can go up to a thousand so I don't think you have a problem seeing the display now its external appearance is not so different from older models so with building materials depending on what category you get but this year you actually have something very special and that is the power of mobile data in Apple's watch series. the same functionality of the phone that way if you are not connected to Bluetooth on your iPhone you can still do many things you could not do normally your Apple watch relies on your iPhone for details or if you are on a well known Wi-Fi network will take that but this year we actually have a model LTE allows you to send and receive messages that you can make calls to and from Siri music streaming for virtually all network features that you can use on your phone or while away from your iPhone o more expensive and more costly in your monthly data system iPhone and digital crown will play red dot on those models now series 3 still keeps the difference in steps as we have seen before looking at the lower end models front and back will be made of glass is what Apple calls ion X but if you are looking for cell phones or other high-end models the front and rear will be sapphire crystal composite and like the previous generation you can't find this with stainless steel and ceramic over ordinary aluminum now what made your feature of this device in the previous generation is the speed I have noticed looking at things like dragging applications to open a booth asks Siri if she does everything normally she feels watery and I think this is what the Apple watch should have been in the beginning now because of that fast processor o Siri will now be able to speak aloud what the weather is like in New York which is why for free Siri also works like that and my phone has turned on hey Si You are sucking now this new Apple watch comes with a new function or function sensor and series 3 now has altitude tracking so if you go up or walk you will be able to see how high or how low you are or even if you go up and down you will be able to see how your height changes the best heart rate monitor and you have a few new features in my knowledge seems at least accurate compared to other exercise machines seems to do a good job of tracking where your heart rate is up all day and has a new feature that will warn you if you have a sudden abnormal heartbeat this is when you have a high heart rate to measure while you I can move which can be dangerous and this feature can help find that now as you know that OS 4 has brought a new watch face but if you get Nike + or mobile models you will have more custom face clock and different color storage so if you want to customize go for those models and having music controls on the wrist is very realistic because the iPod Nano GPS model comes with eight gigabytes of internal storage and 16 gigabytes of storage so you can definitely sync your playlists using whatever it may be and they will all be stored in the clock location. so you don't even have to pick up your phone and if you have Apple music you can allow these different combinations inside watch the app on your phone that will always sync new music daily or weekly depending on what you choose so it will change and keep you ha and series 3 has a special Apple music radio function similar to the Apple version of Pandora if you subscribed to Apple music but no ads and if you move the air paws this will go well because you now have all the music controls off your wrist now another thing I like to do it with the Apple clock to get notifications you can set to give you a little vibration or a little tap when you receive a new message here you can quickly reply to a text message by sending a preset or using digital touch using this typing feature or if really important you can use voice calling. and recording, if you don't want to send it as text, is ok so it can do all these things on Apple's watch but what if the battery dies properly I'm happy to report that battery life isn't so bad with this use you can get two to three days with Apple's watch series with a mobile model, Of course, it will depend a bit on how much you use these mobile phones that call puppy lasts about an hour yes they are not as long as Fitbit's or Garmin or special activity trackers but you actually get a smartphone. 

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