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Google Pixel 4a Review Pros & Cons

What's up i'm siddik khan.

Here so this is it it's finally here google pixel 4a and this is a really simple one right so the 3a was google's budget phone with a great camera right double down on that so this 350 bucks is google's budget phone with an excellent camera and that's really it it doesn't take long using this phone to figure that out by the time you see this i've been using it for almost a week now and really the formula here is keep it simple everything here is really clean and simple i mean just for starters look at it you know it's the plastic build as we've all seen and it's all one piece so you can see there's no seams anywhere on the sides or the top or the bottom simple then there's the spec sheet there is one size one color one spec simple the whole phone is about the same size as the iphone 11 pro but noticeably lighter of course thanks to the plastic and i like the size i think it's a good one size to have and with that on the front of the phone you're getting a 5.8 inch 1080p oled display flat screen 60 hertz and that hole punch cut out for the selfie camera some people don't like the hole punch to me honestly really i've gotten used to it by now and it's better than a notch it's not the most incredible display but there's definitely no big issues with it you're still looking at well over 400 pixels per inch and i've noticed a pretty decent range of brightness and some good viewing angles the no high refresh rate at this price isn't a deal breaker but we'll get to performance in a second and then the rest of this hardware package is simple you guessed it you're on the same page now it's very simple it's all matte black everything all the way around giving it not a soft touch feel but more of like this powder coated slight texture and i like it and of course there's a signature pixel accented light green power button and actually these buttons are super clicky they're pretty loud too i think they're the best feeling part of this phone and there's an honestly pretty disappointing single mono speaker at the bottom but in positive news there is still a headphone jack up top it lives on with the budget pixel line now with a lot of phones back a couple years ago i used to always have this moment where i would you know bend it twist it see if i can feel any weird creaking or anything happening with the phone and i sort of slowed down and stopped doing that because pretty much every phone now is fine in that department plus zach does his durability tests but i got my pixel 4a and i started to do that a little and there is actually a little bit of bending to it i don't know if zack's gotten his yet but i'm pretty sure when he does and he does his test i'm predicting it's going to snap in half i don't think the plastic unibody build is the most durable but on the upside it's not glass which means it won't shatter so you know there's ups and downs again with this whole thing we have to keep the price in mind 350 bucks so i am totally fine with a matte black unibody plastic build also if you're clumsy or worried about dropping your phone you already know. got you covered with their made by google certified grip case it's grippier than the naked phone and yes it comes in matte black or literally any other color so you can check it out at the link below my favorite part of this hardware though and maybe it's the best example of them truly keeping it simple is the fingerprint reader still on the back same place it was on the pixel 3a and the pixel 2 and the original pixel and the nexus 6p and the nexus 5x look the point is this is the tried and true place to put it zero problems with this fingerprint reader on the back here but look this is the pixel 4a and we all know the reason we're here and it's the cameras and they're really good spoiler alert again with photos so there is a single camera on the back here it kind of resembles the multi-camera setups with the rounded rectangle but without spending the extra money for extra useless cameras nice and so it's just one camera and a flash 12 megapixel sensor at f 1.7 with ois the numbers aren't too crazy but the photos you get are exactly what we'd expect right in the same style as pixel 4. if anything just a little bit softer but it has that confident contrasty high dynamic range look and great color that we're used to from the pixel which is so awesome at this price night sight still super clean i mean these are great photos for a 350 phone and thanks to that i'm totally fine with it being the single camera on the back like do i miss the ultra wide a little bit yeah i came from a phone with an ultra wide so i guess a little bit but at this price i'm not mad do i miss the depth sensor at all i mean with a single camera google's been doing really good portrait mode photos of animals and humans and all kinds of objects so i don't miss the depth sensor at all do i miss the 2 megapixel macro camera no so keeping it simple just works great here i don't think anyone's going to be mad this isn't quad cameras and that also translates to the software experience as well i remember when i reviewed the pixel 2 i called it the smartest smartphone mainly thanks to a lot of google features on top of android now this budget version carries a couple less of those googly features but i still really like the ones it has like there is no squeeze for assistant they couldn't build that into the hardware but you can always swipe up diagonally from the corner and that gets you to google assistant just as fast there is no project sole or radar sensors up in the front of this phone but it still has rays to wake with the accelerometer and gyroscope and you can turn this on or off and it has some of those pixel exclusive features it has live caption available everywhere and i still love call screening and the now playing which identifies songs in the background wherever you go and keeps a running list of them like every time i switch back to a pixel i love these features and i miss them on other phones but also like pixel 3a performance on the 4a on this phone is not that great now at first i thought it was just me over realizing it because i just come from these super high end 120 hertz phones but just having a 60 hertz phone shouldn't be a death sentence for smoothness you should phones were all 60 hertz a couple years ago and smoothness was fine so it's a little more than that i feel like the snapdragon 730g is probably a lot more to blame here and i couldn't stop noticing that it just wasn't very smooth the phone just doesn't feel fast i guess is the main point which concerns me for how long it will last you know this is one of the bigger sticking points among a lot of the budget phones coming out now is when you extrapolate their value over time you're kind of up against the gold standard of iphone se but this phone has some of the same issues pixel 3a had which you know didn't stop people from loving pixel 3a as it's still a great camera in a phone for the price but again you should know what you're getting into but of course there is one more area where pixel 3a outperforms the numbers on paper and that's the battery so this phone has a 3140 milliamp hour battery doesn't seem like that high of a number because it's not uh the one plus nord i just reviewed had like a 25 bigger battery i wasn't expecting it to be great but of course i should know better because it's a 1080p 60hz screen and i was pleasantly surprised with the battery on the 4a now again all this is quarantine lifestyle testing so it comes with the asterisk that all the rest of the phones have had but if i'm getting five hours of screen on time comfortably with this phone and ending the day with 10 to 20 left consistently i don't think anyone will have problems with the pixel 4a's battery so simply put that's about it for this really simple phone for some people it's kind of forgettable but for others it's exactly what we're waiting for for this new pixel it's doubled down on everything the 3a had going for it and lowered the price and so for this price the the lack of wireless charging or ip rating or glass and metal and stereo speakers and extra cameras really isn't a deal breaker in fact it's expected the simple plastic build as expected the 60hz screen is fine the biggest upside is still the camera and the biggest downside is still the performance it's really just the only difference now is the existence of much more competition in this space with phones like oneplus nord and iphone se now technically this phone undercuts them both in price which is going to matter to a lot of people 350 bucks is an insane price for the amount of phone you're getting here and all these features but each each one of these phones is going to have its own distinct advantages iphone and nord are going to be better performers iphone's going to take better post but you get more google features here better stills camera so it's what you want i just really love that it feels like google's getting a little more competitive with this pixel phone getting that lower price to undercut the competitors to give you a reason to buy it it's great i just hope this translates into them making a true high-end pixel 5 flagship now i don't know if that's smart to get my hopes up for that considering their track record is not very good for flagships but that's what i'm hoping this competitiveness translates into but we'll see if that happens either way that's been it pixel 4a pretty simple thanks for reading see you in next post.

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