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PlayStation 5 Controller Details

 Hello, what's up siddik khan.

Here so i'm in control of ps5 this guy here might be the best part of ps5 but maybe taking the hottest this could be the next best thing for generations with any of the next-gen comforts it's important that the graphics really get better and the games will look better but the controls from maybe that's a hot take but i think this is very important so both the big layers of xbox series and playstation 5 right there in the corner as you know and i test both are hard work to play a lot of games between the two anyway but i want it took a minute before their review to talk about the controllers so most of you have seen ps5 unboxing so you have seen that new controller and it is and I did not remove the xbox x and s box from the camera but I showed it over and over again and these are xbox controllers series x comes with a black matte black controller all actually and th Ie series comes with a white matte controller but the same thing is probably not new and we have seen the make-up before there has been a subtle development which I like yet the usb type c and there is a dot pattern behind the shoulders that actually fun now but the new ps5 controller is different built differently it is uh i dont know how many people actually buy between playstation 5 and xbox series x they like to be honest i think most people now know what they want and 'I just see how they can hold their hands before ordering all the dance but if you haven't decided yet maybe the controller is that distinguishing feature so okay why am i making this whole post why the controller is so different new thing basic new construction beefier new new usb lights c and anchors down port and this detailed search is all right but also this control when it is light has a feel that makes you feel very connected to the game and the console I say is a controller so one thing you can say that maybe at the top of the screen connects you to the game so two things so first new haptics stronger than car new haptic inside of this think of the difference between a new phone the new iphone motor haptic and as an old reckless car to vibrate that definition in it and then something is the changing causes I mentioned in unboxing when you just press the pressure when the controller is off they feel normal when you pull yourself down and the level of resistance can be very high and you have to press the triggers they respond according to what happens on the screen and in the game so those two things feel like a big step to clean up so they created a two-dimensional controller and then mimic it Sony actually made a game called astros playroom to show and has exaggerated haptics levels and variable causes throughout the game and combined with speaker and control to feel so much fun every time I was immersed I don't know if that's the right word but it just involves all the time so in this game you basically control the astro and pass through this world this one stage called cooling springs and literally everything you feel is different with the controller the character who walks around the glass feels the stairs feel and sounds differently but without the sound you feel very different than walking through metal or walking on water or sand and what sounds like an all-encompassing haptic car that moves the controller through all the footprints is very good at hitting things the impact is different from things. there are so many different things to beat throughout the game every time you hear all about the money hitting you you feel different from hitting a leaf you feel different from hitting the enemy and for changing reasons they are bound to this spring feeling in the game so use the trigger behind the controls to squeeze in more resistance and vibration. haptic all kind of good feeling how you would feel if you try to squeeze and squeeze the spring of real-life the most convincing combination of haptics use this feeling in other things like stretching the strings when pulling the strings in a game that happens very often but yes it is obviously an experience made in every new control. then there are complete levels and areas that are just as close to your natural sensitivity and haptics as using the controller in your hands but it is a very good condition so you When I see that this is me installing this new controller I am reminded that whenever I use a new phone with a very good haptic car I appreciate it very much and I feel new and I am more of a caller than the calls from a few years ago or this year with improper vibration motors feel worse and you never care that also reminds me of macbook pro track new track track where it touches the power you can swear the glass is moving but not just it has a very good car at the back that sounds like a real convincing and very small click of this control where they can get into the biggest haptic engines so So there is a lot going on here so sony published teardown for playstation 5 and it was great and a lot of people watching it had a lot of details but what i want to see now is that the inside of the controller looks like a how and some people are already doing what i think austin has made a video online to see how big these haptic are.

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