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How to buy right amd cpu for pc

Hello my self siddik khan.

Amd wins gamers with its ryzen cpus series this cpu list has marked amd return and most importantly given Intel for some much needed competition by offering the highest stats at low prices with short verizon cpus now the option to go For many, speaking out does not seem like this will change anytime soon it will take a long time to go back and start giving specs the equivalent of amds by this time the ryzen series has taken a toll and just go with it which is why today which should be the case stay tuned because all the details you will need to know about the ryzen cpus come exactly the same as the intel core ryzen series divided into the following products ryzen 3 ryzen 5 ryzen 7 and ryzen 9. these numbers actually mean nothing in the way the sales team Intel just got it that 3 5 7 and 9 sounds are much better than 1 2 3 and 4 and amd just copied this ryzen 3 cpus inexpensive solutions that offer very low statistics that these cpus can still fully use the latest aaa pairs and cards in the middle drawings like gtx 1660 and other fast ram and you may use odyssey test killer just shy of 60 fps in very high settings wrap the settings a bit and a stable 60fps becomes a very good thing that a good value is still available in ryzen 5 cpus these are the middle solutions that strike the best balance between price and most important function verizon 5 cpus is a way to choose the next evidence for the reasons we will be writing when discussing specs for some ryzen 7 cpus that are more expensive than their ryzen 5 cousins ​​which cost less this efficiency because you don't need a ryzen 7 cpu unless you build a pc ep top or workspace these are cpus meant to work beyond the needs of most players and finally we have ryzen 9 cpus will be reliable you don't need ryzen 9. unless you build a pc with a new rtx 3080 graphics card these graphics cards may be issued at great consumer prices but the 500 graphics card is still too small for most gamers and capacitors these graphics cards have been causing some problems lately so maybe it's better to wait for the dust to settle on the new nvidia 3000 graphics cards before committing to them at any point here that i -ryzen 9 cpus is just kidding unless you make a super play pc where there is also a ryzen threadripper cpus but this has nothing to do with the general ryzen list we prefer to think of them as their series as epic cpus if you would like to hear that threadripper and epic cpus is about how they compare how and the standard ryzen list check out the link in the description that will take you to the post what about this topic right now let's look at the cpu specs you should be familiar with and how much of an impact as we have already mentioned the basic calculation The original ryzen 3 cpus includes four cores and eight thorns the ryzen 5 cpus comes with 6 cores and 12 ryzen ryzen 7 cpus pack 8 cores and 16 threads and the ryzen 9 cpus sit nicely on 12 cores and 24 threads except for ryzen 9 3950x with lots of 16 cores and 32 threads now the basic calculation is one of the best-selling markets because they have the most total overall one knows that six cores are better than me 4 cores or do not know what is best with a short answer doing a lot of things each core and thread can do one job at a time so h preventing access to multiple cores and threads enables your pc to perform multiple tasks at any time but how powerful cores and ropes actually and most importantly what effect they have on the sport as we said you can still get on the cpus only four cores which is why ryzen 3 cpus is a good way to budget it creates a major reason not to use it in medium construction because it has no future proof by 2020 good location for basic calculation 6 cores which is why we recommend ryzen 5 cpus to all pc builders to play ryzen 7 cpus with their 8 characters and 16 strands just skip now another very important cpu spec in terms of performance it is the speed of the clock that means equal based on gigahertz how many tasks can one be done per second so the speed of the clock improves performance even though the cpu works at a higher clock speed it will also lead to more heat builders n when it comes to playing clock speed more important than basic calculations which is why -ryzen 5 cpus basic clock speed of anywhere between 3.6 and 3.9 gigahertz while their magnification clock is from 3.9 to 4.7 gigahertz now here's something different from intel core cpus all ryzen cpus can be over-worn which means you can set them they operate at a higher clock speed than normal their power output is lower than that of the basic unlimited high intel model so if you want to do extremes you may not get a ryzen cpu but this is not a problem for many users why overload a It's just a big deal that weird gamers have left a warranty and it can cause the system to malfunction to increase performance you can get over excess is not all that is noticeable especially not for play it's a game

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