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Ipad 8th Generation Review

 Hey, guys what is going on my name is Siddik Khan.

I'm here to help you understand your everyday tech one post  at a time and in this post  we're talking about the 2020 10.2 inch ipad ipad this is the 8th generation ipad included in the box is the ipad itself a thing of paperwork a usbc to lightning cable and a 20 watt USB c wall charger which i am very happy to see but unfortunately that means we're still stuck with lightning and not usbc of course this ipad is primarily known for its low price starting at 29.990  INR before sales part of that is due to it sporting an older design with the bezels touch id this is the first generation touch id fingerprint sensor so it's not the newest it's not the fastest but for the most part it works pretty well and i would much rather have it than not now the biggest headlining feature of this ipad other than the price is the new processor so let's talk about it this is the same a12 bionic found in the iphone 10s the ipad air third generation and the ipad mini 5. this is a huge step up from the previous generation a10 fusion chip everything from doing daily tasks watching videos playing games even editing 4k video you're gonna be just fine with this ipad by the way if you didn't know you can actually pair a playstation or xbox controller to this ipad so i'm going to do that by holding the share button and the ps button until the back bar starts flashing and then i'll just go into bluetooth settings and pair it to my ipad now i have pretty much a mobile gaming console the amount of processing and graphics capability that is in this 329 ipad is absolutely insane i got to tell you i never thought i could rage quit for my ipad in other words you will not have to worry about performance for years and years to come and you'll get a bunch of new software updates for years down the line in fact ipad os 14 right now supports the ipad air 2 from 2014 six years ago so in 2026 in ios 20 this 300 ipad will still be supported now i think the biggest drawback to this ipad is the display now in terms of your normal display specs the display is just fine the resolution is pretty high you're not going to be seeing any pixels and it is bright enough for all the ipad tasks where this display lacks is in display quality the glass on this ipad is not laminated to the lcd display which means that there is a ever so slight air gap in between the display and the glass it doesn't affect responsiveness or anything like that but it does affect color accuracy and the amount of glare you get on the display so overall colors will look less vibrant and more washed out but it's not something you would typically notice unless you put it next to another ipad that has a laminated display or if you put it next to your iphone it also supports the first generation apple pencil and all the goodness that ipad os 14 brings for example the scribble feature will let you use an apple pencil to just write in any text field which i think is pretty awesome i'll have to make a full review on this feature later on so be sure you're subscribed for that okay now personally i don't think anyone in their right minds should be taking a selfie like this and because this is a tech review we gotta talk about the cameras but there's really nothing much to talk about here it's the same as the previous generation 8 megapixels on the back 1.2 on the front both are ugly potatoes good enough for facetime but that's about it we're still looking at the same 10 hour battery life that apple's been advertising for over 10 years now and so far i have no complaints with the battery life on this ipad easily two days with normal use even if you played games like i've been doing you're gonna be just fine so i gotta say this ipad is a pretty complete package it literally does all the ipad things and it does them very well the only things that are a bit of a bummer is the non-laminated display the first generation touch id but i mean those are kind of toss-ups for something in this price range i believe that you cannot be the amount of value that this device provides at this price if you're looking to get a new ipad and you want to save some money i would definitely recommend this ipad now i wouldn't recommend the 32 gigabyte model so if you can get the 128 model that would be the best it is a little bit more but not having to worry about storage is such a huge deal and i bet i bet during Amazon great indian sale or during any discounts if you didn't know the last generation of this ipad went on sale for 32,000 during Amazon great indian sale and last year actually it was that way for most of last year but you could have gotten the 128 gigabyte model for like 37,000 bucks or something which is an incredible value for what you're getting now if you found this review helpful i would ask that you subscribed to your website that way you get notified whenever i upload new post.

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