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Windows vs Linux Which one is better

Hello, Guys my self siddik khan.

Which is better Linux or Windows? Because a lot of people especially tech-says people who use Linux swear by it and say it's better than Windows and We'll talk maybe in situations where they're right and maybe not always now I don't think this post will be like high quality computer users because those who might find you want to use Linux or not but this it might be like a normal user who knows how to get around Windows You know I'm not afraid of command-line because you definitely need to be able to use it at least So not for people who can't open windows and I think I should point out like I've used Windows once or twice in the past there might be discrimination a little first We'll look at the benefits of Linux Then the disadvantages are there and talk about some of the ideas as a whole and we can start with the most obvious cost of ownership costs and what you can get Li nux free does not cost you Unlike Windows where you have to pay for a new license if you want to install it on a new computer you have built Or if you want to upgrade to a new version of Windows without being the most recent update Windows 10 What allowed you to upgrade for free? But that is no longer the case now it is clear that this will be your main computer that you use every day Costs may not be a deciding factor But maybe if you want to build a server or something or as a fun game where it might be wise to install Linux in it if it can get the job done -Dollar with Windows License and other cost-effective software most at least great things You I expect as a word processor and all that will be free most software is open source Or that could be a disaster we will go into right now next this is one of the biggest Vantage that is really easy to understand that Linux is better at security than Windows and that's for many reasons first open source It is viewed by many different people working on it, even if you are just interested in the look to get into it to see bugs bugs and Also, not many people use Linux so that means the target vector is very small so if someone is going to make a virus it would be very sensible to upgrade it Windows or Mac When there are too many users and too little technology too much? Users rather than what would be Linux When in general when using Linux software you may have slowed down a lot So you can lock the computer? And there are very few of them that even if you infect other people it probably wouldn't be worth your time. That doesn't mean there are no Linux viruses because there are so many non-desktop or Linux user sites. that Linux is actually not naturally safe because and for one reason that is not the same as Windows which gives all its users Admin access that Linux works automatically in a fairly low mode so even if a virus infects it it cannot do any damage because it cannot access many other parts of the system. To get the most out of liking installing programs and all that with Windows in general if you want to install something especially for all users you will have to work that as a manager e no problem taking the ad the advantage of this and Linux It will be very difficult for the virus to harm even if it infects one of the few people it can therefore So this advantage is easily related to installing and keeping things up and that with Linux is a very different software installation program. They often use so-called storage space which means somewhere else online or? In our site we will not go into that There is a set or similar database or archive of all kinds of software developers who will download their program whenever you want to install software instead of going to the software website you can simply log in to the command line or archive software and just find that software then download it and it will download whatever else it needs So it is like a great App Store and because this is how all Linux apps install software There then when everything is available There are very few where it is not available in storage you will have to go hand in hand to download a specific file to put in such a situation and where there are many repositories you can set up even if they are not available in another server you can find them available elsewhere Now if they are not available in the repository, or you do not have to internet connection can be a big problem but also we will get to that later i know the next benefit is very good you may not think about it and this if you need an app not really Desktop desktop, maybe build a computer like a small box you want to use as a firewall well obviously we have no sense to use Windows in firewall program It makes a lot of sense to install a version of Ubuntu server for example Here is another advantage of Linux Are there many different distros called distributions like different Linux flavors all with many variations? Benefits and objectives for example.

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