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iPhone 11 Review_ Pros & Cons

what is going on my name is sididk khan

iPhone 11 now the box contents are gonna look exactly like every other iPhone before it now because this is cheaper than the 11pro it didn't come with the same USB see fast charger let's be honest the most surprising part of this phone is that Apple lower their price by $50 compared to last year's iPhone 10 are however it is still at $700 and with most of the upgrades being in the cameras you might be wondering is this phone worth buying are the cameras any good and ultimately is it worth upgrading to now the iPhone 11 is basically the successor to the iPhone 10 are in terms of size weight dimensions it stayed pretty much the same from the iPhone 10 are so if you try to stick it in an iPhone 10 art case it will still kind of fit it's just that the new camera module does mess with that we still have the same display on the front but as we established last year with the iPhone 10 ours display it was perfectly fine the colors are great you're not gonna be seeing pixels or anything unless you hold it straight up to your face I would check that video out if you want more details on the display now I do wish they made the display brighter because it's still a little hard to see in the sunlight there's still no 3d touch so that kind of sucks but you do get most of the that functionality within iOS 13 with haptic touch now this year the processor is the a13 bionic it is incredibly fast and it's responsible for most of the features that are new with the iPhone 11 and you'll see that in a second the only con I can think of is that again it's only about 10 to 15 percent faster than the previous generation we didn't see that huge processor jump this year like we usually do on a second year now Apple did say face ID was supposed to be faster in my testing I can definitely tell that it misses less like it times out less and less than the iPhone 10 which is great but speed wise is much on par I think most of that speed boost was due to Iowa's 13 now the size is a little bit bigger than the standard 11 Pro where the bigger size comes a bigger battery you're gonna get way more battery life if you're upgrading from something like an iPhone 6s or 7 or even an iPhone 8 so if your phone's been dying from his battery this is gonna solve all that I would expect a solid 8 to 10 hours of medium to heavy use out of this device just like the 11 pros now one particular con about the battery is that you cannot use the reverse wireless charging which is something the rumors anticipated and a lot of Apple's competitors already have this just makes this device feel a little bit left out and still no fast charging in the box now by far the most significant change to this year's iPhones is the addition of the wide angle lenses this year all the cameras are 12 megapixels with the front facing camera upgrading from 7 megapixels from the previous year it can now do 4k and slow-motion selfies or SLO fees or whatever the heck they try to call it and of course on the back you get a second wide-angle lens so now inside the camera app you're gonna have the option to zoom out 50% now on the front-facing camera you have a similar option although you don't have an additional camera you do have the ability to zoom out just a little bit to get a wider selfie personally I would use a white lens over a telephoto lens any day is just so much more useful you can also use that wide lens to enable portrait mode for object which is something we lost last year with the iPhone 10 R we can only do portrait mode for people now we can do it for animals objects pumpkin spice lattes etc now something I really like is that when you take your portrait shot you no longer have to zoom in because you're using the telephoto lens you can now have a wider field of view but more importantly you don't have to hold your phone away from the object super far away to get that portrait shot and being able to see more in your picture is such a huge plus with this film they also added in a night mode I think I'm gonna have to make another video about this but just look at this this is the iPhone 10 and this is the iPhone 11 how can a phone that's only 2 years old be blown out of the water so severely like I don't understand this this is crazy there's also a feature that takes from both cameras so that you can adjust the framing in post which i think is super awesome so if part of somebody's head is cut off or something like that you can add that in after the fact which is pretty awesome so you know what's interesting is that when you're shooting in the ultra wide camera you have the ability to switch back to the normal camera just like that while you're recording you previously could not do this with the dual camera setups before you always just had to stop the video before we can switch to a different camera you can even smoothly zoom in from one camera to the next now this feature is available in all the video modes up to 4k 60 because the wide camera this white camera cannot handle 4k 60 witching you still zoom it just won't support that feature what up dawg alright so with the iPhone 11 Apple does claim that the stabilization in video is much better than before so what do you guys think I'm just walking probably around a semi-normal pace let me know what you guys think of this stabilization I think it's really good I also have not listened to the audio from this phone just yet so make sure you let me know in the comments what the audio sounds like from light from this video sample did you hear that I think they found me [Music] [Music] all right where was that now the only con I can think of is that the camera itself is just really freaking ugly it also doesn't support extended dynamic range when you're recording in slow motion which is why some of the footage you saw was kind of too bright and the fact that the ultra wide camera doesn't support night mode and is that a slightly higher F 2.4 so we can't take in as much light as the normal lens but honestly I think it held up just fine now overall I think this phone is a really complete package and at that lower price point you can opt for the higher storage options as well so is this phone worth upgrading to yeah if you have a like an iPhone 6s 7/8 you're gonna be getting a massive massive upgrade but if you have a 10 series phone I really would not recommend it like you just really want that wider camera let me know what you think in the comments now see you guys in the next 

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