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iPhone 11 vs iPhone SE (2020) ComparisonThe Better Value

what is going on my name is  siddik khan 

In this video, I want to compare the iPhone se second generation to the iPhone 11. let's get started there's an obvious price difference between these two devices and you might be wondering should i make the jump from the sc to the 11 or save some cash and just go with the se first things first let's talk about the design of these two devices the most prominent difference between these two devices is the display of course the iphone 11 has what apple calls the liquid retina lcd display it's a 6.1 inch display with a notch now the iphone se has the slightly older style 4.7 inch retina lcd this is the familiar square edge design that we've seen for years now as you might have noticed most of the specs of these two devices are pretty similar same pixel density same maximum brightness even in some of the newer features like dark mode i cannot really see a difference in the quality of the displaced they both look very good colors are accurate very contrasty of course the iphone sc wins in the portability department but the iphone 11 has an edge in displaying more content on the screen at the same time the difference in design also means that the iphone se's power button still works like a power button you press it you can power off your device locks your phone on the iphone 11 it still does siri instead of you know what a power button is supposed to do so of course you have to use the volume buttons in order to trigger that same screen of course on the iphone 11 you are getting face id this is of course the first generation variant that we've seen for a few years now although it has gotten faster over time with software and of course on the iphone sc second generation touch id that we've seen before nothing really new here they're both very fast and accurate it's just a matter of personal preference now when it comes to processors the iphone se and the iphone 11 actually have the same processor they both have the a13 bionic chip this just means that they're both going to be ridiculously fast and responsive the se does have one gigabyte less ram than the iphone 11 but honestly i have not noticed the difference in day-to-day performance due to that one gigabyte now the iphone 11 does have the u1 ultra wideband chip that is not present in the iphone se2 but it doesn't really seem to do that much right now except for more accurate air drops now the biggest differentiator between these two devices other than the design i think is the battery life with the iphone se i've gotten about five to six hours of screen on time with medium use it does last through the whole day but i would not expect any more out of it the 11 gets a solid eight to nine plus hours of on-screen time sometimes i can use this phone for two days without charging it so if you're looking to improve your current phone's battery life then the 11 is the one to go for they both have wireless charging and fast charging but with the iphone 11 you're likely not gonna have to use those very often whereas with the iphone se you might find yourself powering it up halfway through the day especially if you do anything intensive like i talked about in its own review the iphone sc 2020 has pretty good cameras they're not the best but they're pretty dang good the back sensor is a little bit better than the iphone 10r but not quite as good as the iphone 11 and unfortunately the front-facing camera it does kind of drop the ball keeping the same sensor as the iphone 8. it does have portrait mode however using software instead of a face id sensor or a second lens which is pretty awesome but it is limited to only recognizing people not objects surprisingly the photo quality on the iphone se's main rear camera is really really on par with the iphone 11. it's really hard to tell them apart which is honestly pretty awesome the only time you can tell them apart is if you use portrait mode on objects or if you use the ultra wide lens it's also supposed to have better audio quality in the microphones as well i'm not sure how true that is so let's test it alright here's a front-facing video test of the new iphone se now i have not listened to the audio just yet so do let me know what that sounds like in the comments below now i have heard the iphone 11's audio before and i personally think it was pretty good so let me know what you guys think of this audio in the comments the video quality on both of these phones are just absolutely fantastic honestly i cannot tell these two apart when you're using just the primary like back lens what you're seeing now is in 4k i'm testing the autofocus by pressing different areas on the screen colors are consistent throughout both of these devices again you can only tell if it's an iphone 11 if you see an ultra wide angle otherwise the iphone se's quality in video is exactly the same and if you tap these numbers in the video mode you can switch quality or frame rate on both of these devices it's also worth noting that both of these devices have different user interfaces for the camera app the iphone se is using a slightly older one whereas the 11 has the zoom button and zoom ring to help you zoom easier however they both have the quick take features that allow you to quickly capture a photo or video the only feature the se is missing from the 11 is night mode which unfortunately makes it suck in low light i go more into depth on this in the iphone 11's dedicated review i'll link that in the cards as well as in the description actually i would recommend checking out the dedicated reviews for both of these devices if you want a deeper dive into the pros and cons of each device [Music] see now the iphone 11 also has audio zoom which means depending on how far you zoom your camera the audio from your video is going to sound different so if i zoom in hopefully you guys can hear that the microphone quality like suddenly switches same with if i zoom out and it should sound different now unfortunately with the iphone se you do not have that option so whatever it records through your phone's microphone will just stay that way regardless of how you zoom with your phone [Applause] all right so with the iphone 11 apple does claim that the stabilization in video is much better than before so what do you guys think i'm just walking probably around a semi normal pace i also have not listened to the audio from this phone just yet so make sure you let me know in the comments what the audio sounds like from from this video sample did you hear that yes i think they found [Music] me [Applause] [Music] so [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right so in conclusion both of these devices are absolutely fantastic and if you go with either one of them they'll probably meet your needs however the main key features that you should be looking at is is the display important to you and is battery life important to you if so i believe the iphone 11 is still a fantastic phone for your money however if you're somebody who doesn't spend their entire day on their phones and you just want something that works and performs basic functions without breaking the bank i would still recommend the iphone se simply because it is more affordable and it's going to last you years and years down the line now if you found this video helpful or at least entertaining uh be sure to leave a like that would be awesome so other people can find it as well if you want to see more stuff like this don't forget to hit that subscribe button but anyways guys i hope you enjoyed and i'll see you in the next one 

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