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OnePlus Nord Reveal! How Much Do Smartphones Actually Cost

guys siddik here to remember a few posts ago I was talking about a good budget smartphone formula and how much the various parts cost in terms of final phone costs and in that post I actually called if there are companies who want to contact me and maybe give us real numbers of what some of these parts cost you would be very good 1 and as you probably already know now it works and has been making fun of their medium or budget phone and actually reaching out and saying hello ok we are willing to talk about that kind of thing and can use a project or as an example of going through that conversation so i said ok and what followed with a specific informative conversation i had in the smartphone world for a long time so n talk to Carl Pei one of the founders of oneplus o The boys often see on stage at their events presenting things and there is a full cut-out version of this whole conversation in the form of a podcast of form in 2020 but if you want to hear all you can do but here i am choosing some of the best things we get numbers and prices itself in real chats and we got the design revealed oneplus Nord as promised enjoy doing that ok Carl thank you for joining me so i think we are all here because you get guys would you work on a new product line with plus Nord I think we all really know about it right now as we record the name is Nord and then there are all sorts of speculations about what exactly we can just go into and just say what can you know about the oneplus Nord you have been working on what you should be doing now if you look at the time now and if you look at the industry as a whole like most smartphone companies they focus all their time and energy on building the best mid-range phone. and the most important thing is to make the best phone and you know the middle distance is what it is to us we think we are ready now because the technology is ready with the seven G five chipset from Qualcomm we finally feel like a mid-range chipset ready to deliver the information people expect on oneplus product a few years ago you know we were very focused on creating a fast and smooth experience and before that this was done on the 800 series yes but now as technology advances we feel like it's time f says the technology is finally ready that with the 700 series they were able to deliver the same information so if you go through oneplus Noord you can't say which platform is in all the full-length drawings we took from the 800 series and brought to the 700 series I'm sure that when they first used it able to tell what that is not an 800 series chipset i think they will be able to tell if they get into something very important as you know the 3d game in the advanced image setting but for normal daily tasks I used to use it as my daily driver for some time now you can't tell so how come we finally feel like there is an opportunity for us to take our best experience into a new price category and wait a while until we are finally ready to deliver this so I always wonder if ask how much it costs the phone so i was talking about this type of single budget phone formula you end up on 350 400 4 and $ 50 calls what kind of trading is like the need to be done bec ause they are just too expensive so i have a few questions maybe you can answer about i will try my best usually about how much it costs to install NFC on the phone and take one of those things We have seen that we have been left without previous calls one and the loan for reasons of cost now they were many calls but left out from time to time what that little NFC tag costs yes these days has become very common so it's not something we thought about a lot but it costs about four dollars to install an enema to see there and that's four fines for you the manufacturer you put in the phones or four thousand for the last buyer for you ok that's fine think cup smart phone costs we are talking about bum bo M means building materials so four dollars goes into the building materials and we have some cost to bring the phone to the buyer we have the cost of advertising station costs operating costs st aff aff etc so this is just the cost of materials What about an IP certificate because that's not really the case that a few brands and a few things you put in the phone end up qualifying for a certificate so the ip68 rating on the phone for example that costs yeah so this is a really interesting and complicated topic so be patient so at least there is no official body or third party organization that guarantees phones to be IP is limited to a set of standards that you know is the most agreed upon in the industry so take ip68 for example so that the phone can claim to be a certified IP 68 surviving 1.5 meters underwater sorry North America is not that we were like skills or something for 30 minutes 30 minutes okay 30 minutes so you say yeah we need to add more signs to make sure the whole port is waterless but actually that is a small part very much

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