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The FASTEST SSD Technology Explained M.2

 hey, guys what is going on. my name is siddik khan

 MDOT - SSDs these small doodads manage to be smaller and more frequent than traditional hard drives or standard SATA SSDs but it makes sense to be confused about how to select and install your existing system. we need to differentiate between body standards and protocol standards this is a small DisplayPort cable and here is a Thunderbolt cable but it looks like this port USB type-c works with USB 2.0 which is USB 3 which is about 10 or 20 times faster and this is the fastest Thunderbolt 3 and also comes with many other capabilities to support itself because most wires are electrical wires connecting poi nt A to point B no which can prevent you from knowing a piece of code that hangs the connection between the receiver and the home theater speaker or let's say the Ethernet cable used to handle HDMI video signal actually the product is right but back to computer and dot 2 is one of the physical connection standards attached to the inside of your computer this motherboard here well gives us a good example of all that you are currently watching SATA or Serial ata this connector suffers from many delays due to its indirect connection to the CPU here is a standard dead SATA Express system using two routes -PPCI is better because it is connected directly to the CPU but it has a very powerful connector and there is no drive support to talk about this here is dot 2 which uses 4 PCI lines twice as much as SATA Express but has disappeared out of business space and finally l is open here in dot 2 which has a single base compared to other gene connectors at this point due to its functionality and uses high performance 4 PCIe lines and its compact form factor that allows it to be used not only for desktops but also for small notebooks for ultra but also for the rest of the course in compliance compared to body standards most of these physical connections support multiple protocols which means they are more than one way for a computer to communicate with the cable controller and if you do not use nvme protocol drive in your MDOT 2 slot it is possible you don't get the full information so if your computer has PCIe MDOT 2 slot and you can see the difference here between nvme capable of working with only one ahci here which is usually labeled and easy to connect just maybe set a few settings in the BIOS and the hole goes to the races but- so what if you don't have a PCI Express MDOT 2 slot on your motherboa rd ok well first step make sure you don't have any other motherboards even hide this connector on the back and it is small enough that it can be easy to miss and step to make sure the motherboard your support for the start of nvme drive normally any z97 or x99 chipset and newer will have that help and if it does and you still want to use the drive then you want to download one of these little boys these PCIe slot cards to your board for mothers like video card sound etc. contact your motherboard notebook to find out how many slots for each slot and what speed they work best and I have a few different versions here silverstone has one nvme and one that supports both nvme and HCI remember that is the same protocol as SATA over a slightly different connector m2 es priced at then there are many premium options such as wings from a bird that looks a little cool and features a hot shield and pad to place the p drive in extreme heat we will use this SP 500000 based nvme SSD controller from Corsair our demo here around depending on the length of your nvme drive and you just need to make sure you use the latest UEFI bios on your board and follow the same steps as our previous board that was traditionally backed back much earlier than a few generations of previous boards things get much less visible back in P 67 days you can install nvme SSD on one of these PCI Express cards like this but you will not get the full benefit unless it is new because you will not be able to start the drive and currently nvme drives are too expensive for most people to want to use it as a library steam books and various other and one throw scratch on the spokes of all this misery while the connector on the mother board can work nvme and AHCI functionality n n you know any nvme MDOT two drives will work on any protocol so if you have a board nvme you want to get nvme drive or maybe you can use one HDI and if you only have AHCI MDOT slot two you will need ahci more protocol over SSD like this and don't expect to get a crushing performance on it we are working on the view of -rock that it is like a spin movement or anything you can give its multi-purpose cross headsets a multi-use platform you have seen on many platforms some of its features include 50 large millimeter magnetic drivers neodymium comes with two PC-selected microphones and one made for mobile mics available and connected e in the bottom left cup cup left and they have volume control pockets for quick access to light foam ear pockets light 185 gram profile.

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