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iPhone 12 & 12 Pro Review Pros & Cons

 hey guys what is going on my name is siddik khan

iphone 12 and this is the iphone 12 pro so before we get started yes i am reviewing both the iphone 12 and the 12 pro in one single video i'm doing this because not only are these two phones extremely similar they're also in the same price category this time around so with that being said let's get started those are some square edges included in the box is your standard assortment of paperwork except it's now half size and you only get one apple sticker you also get a usbc to lightning charging cable but no charging brick which doesn't really make sense to me because by making this move apple is saying oh you have too many of the regular chargers right but then they give you a type c cable that's not gonna fit with your old chargers now as long as you have an existing lightning cable you'll be fine but if you're new to iphone you might be kind of hosed here now the most obvious design difference with the new iphone 12s is the square edge design it takes all of the goodness from the iphone 10 and the iphone 11 and combines it with the iphone se and iphone 5 design this design is going to allow you to pack in the same 6.1 inch size display into a smaller form factor as you can see here the iphone 12 is noticeably thinner than the iphone 11 was last year do keep in mind that this year's red is not really that red is more of like a salmon color not really a huge fan of this also keep in mind the edges are no longer chamfered like they were on the 5 series and the 4 series meaning the edges are really sharp you can't cut yourself on them but they can be a little more fatiguing than the rounded edges especially on the heavier iphone 12 pro i don't know it's one of those you either love it or hate it type things i also want to briefly mention magsafe of course this is the new ring of magnets around the back of the iphone for more secure and faster wireless charging up to 15 watts of power with usbc while this is really nice and i'm excited for the return of magsafe keep in mind you don't get a magsafe charger in the box in fact you have to buy a 40 charger and a 20 power brick and if you want a magsafe case that's 50 dollars and the max save wallets are 60 dollars you also get a cool little animation if you put your phone into a case or attach a mac safe wallet but because of the extra cost i feel like this is a separate system it doesn't come out of the box with the iphone 12 so i'll get more into depth on this in another video this time around we have brand new displays across the board this is a brand new oled panel so by definition the colors and contrast on the display would just look absolutely amazing there's also an increased resolution compared to the previous iphone 11. this is actually all the same on the 12 pro but it has slightly higher typical max brightness so the 12 pro will look a little bit brighter in daylight i've also noticed the color temperature of the 12 is a bit warmer than the 12 pro meaning it's a little more red and less green but now both of these devices support hdr content through dolby vision as you guys can see here on this existing movie title there's a little adobe vision logo whereas on the iphone 11 this was not supported dolby vision is just the name for an hdr standard hdr means high dynamic range and these displays are now powerful enough to show this type of content this will boost parts of the display up to 1200 nits while still deepening the shadows to really increase that contrast on your image so it looks more realistic which is really nice now unfortunately the notch has not shrunk or disappeared this year it is exactly the same so you're stuck with still only face id i would have liked the scene touch id and the power button like in the ipad air 4 but that did not make it in i do wish they put in a high refresh display this year especially in the pro models it was understandable why they didn't do it it's either trade off with battery life or a major supply chain issue it's 20 20 after all not something the average consumer would notice but for us tech nerds out there it is something that i've been looking forward to for quite some time now all right let's quickly talk about performance as you know apple's processors are incredibly powerful and this year is no exception the 12 and the 12 pro both have the exact same a14 bionic processor meaning everything is going to be a breeze on this phone for years to come i really couldn't think of that many cons for this processor because it is so powerful it's not super fast over the a13 bionic and that the standard 12 has 2 gigabytes less ram than the 12 pro but honestly i don't think these are a big deal now the only real way you can push the a14 chip is by using the cameras just like last year we have two and three cameras on the 12 and 12 pro respectively we've got the wide the ultra wide and on the 12 pro you have the telephoto and a new lidar sensor so you still have an extremely versatile system that's going to get you a bunch of different zoom ranges for the most part the lenses have stayed the same except for the standard wide lens it does let in more light at f 1.6 everything does look a bit sharper but honestly the difference is marginal and on the 12 pro you do get a little bit more sharpness and extra reach with a telephoto lens this time around night mode is enabled on all the lenses so not only can you get it on the wide and telephoto lenses you can now use it for ultra wide and the front-facing camera honestly night mode selfies aren't the best but it's definitely way better than nothing now these are some pretty extreme situations but even so having this night mode on all the lenses is a huge plus the wide lens literally looks like daylight which is insane but just like last year i can never get the telephoto lens to trigger in night mode because it just defaults back to that wide lens which has better low light anyway you can now also take time lapses in night mode so whereas before it would just be completely dark this will at least give you a little bit of light but unfortunately there's no manual control in the default camera app and the new lidar scanner on the 12 pros gives you night mode portrait mode this uses the wide and telephoto lenses and the new lighter sensor in order to acquire focus and capture image data it also does improve autofocus in low light situations if you try to do this on the standard iphone 12 it'll just say more light will help or use a flash but for some reason this does not work on the front facing camera even though the face id sensors on the front could technically work for this as far as new video features go the iphone 12s can now record and play back hdr video just like we talked about in the beginning with dolby vision the iphone 12 can do this up to 4k 30 frames a second while the 12 pro can go up to 4k 60 frames a second now these are 10 bit video files which basically means there's going to be more color data in the video file itself making the video file bigger i might have to do a separate video about this because a 10-bit hdr file will not show up in this standard youtube video if you guys want to see that let me know by getting this video to a thousand likes regular videos will play just as regular videos on the iphone 12 but as soon as you switch to hdr content it will automatically boost the brightness in order to show you that high dynamic range on the iphone 12 pro you're also supposed to be getting apple pro raw which is apple's version of taking raw photos i'll probably end up reviewing this feature with the 12 pro max because it hasn't been released yet alright let's talk about the big one [Music] 5g as you may know 5g is the next standard in wireless cellular technology you'll see it often advertised as being so much faster than 4g lte but this isn't entirely true because there are two types of 5g the first version is actually pretty similar to 4g and wi-fi in that it operates on generally the same levels of frequency usually under 6 gigahertz that's why this type of 5g is called sub 6 gigahertz 5g the other kind of 5g called millimeter wave is the much faster true version of 5g so in other words the standard sub 6 5g is very similar to the existing 4g signals yes they might be a little bit faster but it's not a dramatic difference like it would be with millimeter wave you can think of it as the difference of going to japan for authentic sushi or just going down to your nearest gas station so if you take a closer look at the iphone 12 next to an older iphone you'll notice that there are more antenna lines for better cell reception and the sim card slot has been moved in order to accommodate the millimeter wave antenna of course the biggest benefit to 5g is that you're supposedly going to get better speeds keep in mind my area only supports sub 6 as of right now now if you go into your cellular settings cellular data options and voice and data you'll see ios actually handles 5g in a couple different ways 5g auto only takes advantage of 5g speeds when you're doing something that requires higher speeds it'll still show 5g in the status bar but if you're not doing anything intensive it's just using 4g lte now if you hit 5g on it permanently enables 5g in areas where you're supported so you're not switching back and forth so while running the speed test for this video i saw significantly better results than what i used to get on my iphone 11 using 4g so at first i thought hey this is pretty good even the slower 5g is still pretty fast and just out of curiosity i decided to switch it over to only 4g lte just to see what i would get and strangely i was getting the exact same results so i figured i might not have a sim card that supports 5g which is fine i'll get one and test it in a separate video but somehow the 4g lte signal i was getting was still 6 times faster than my iphone 11 which didn't really make sense to me and i wanted to know why so i did some digging remember a couple of years ago when the iphone 10s first came out we had this huge squabble with apple switching to intel based cellular modems instead of using qualcomm like they always have there was this issue where if you held your phone a certain way then the wi-fi or lte signal would just completely drop off and not work which was a problem if you're using landscape mode to watch a video things would just not work i'll put that video in the cards if you're interested the antenna band issue was fixed last year but the speeds never were at least until now and sure enough this year apple made the switch from intel back to qualcomm using their new x55 modems versus the old intel 7660 they probably came back after they stopped suing each other and so far in my testing reception has been better than the iphone 11 even on regular 4g signals which is very nice but of course the biggest drawback to 5g is that it is extremely limited coverage among carriers is very rare right now you'll be hard-pressed to find any millimeter wave areas and the marginal gain provided by sub 65g is really not worth the upgrade it'll be really useful in three or four years when it's everywhere but for now you may end up just being stuck on 4g keep in mind you'll only get the millimeter wave antenna if you live in the united states at least for now now this is definitely a trade-off if you want good battery life i have been able to go all day about eight to nine hours of on-screen time with medium use on the iphone 12 but on the 12 pro it has been less by about an hour to an hour and a half especially if you're watching hdr content or using 5g expect about 6 to 7 hours of on-screen time in that case which is still decent but you're losing about 20 percent of charge just using those features i also noticed the significant drain while using the new camera features so keep that in mind all this new stuff comes at a cost of the battery life unlike last year where it was an improvement all the way around now i am a little bit pissed at the iphone 12 pro because the battery life on this thing is less than their standard iphone 12 and somehow worse than last year's 11 pros i was dead set on making this phone my daily driver but this is the one thing that would make me reconsider personally i am a little bit disappointed in this year's pro models just because they were rumored to have things like usbc uh the return of touch id as well as high refresh promotion displays we didn't get to see any of that this year even though this is a major design year but it's also 2020 so i kind of see why that would be but this year the standard iphone has been pushed so closely to the pro models not only in terms of price but in terms of features as well so i would highly argue that yes the iphone 12 is worth buying you're getting pretty much the same displays and functionality as the 12 pro and of course the new 5g antennas are a nice bonus only go for the 12 pro if you think the marginal camera features and the higher base storage is worth sacrificing the extra money and the extra battery life otherwise go for the 12 or the pro max but whatever you do do not buy these iphones specifically for 5g not until 5g is more readily available now i would like to hear from you guys would you pick up an iphone 12 and if so which one would you get i'd be interested in hearing your thoughts in the comments if you're new around here first of all welcome thanks for watching i appreciate you feel free to check out my channel and if you like what you see please consider subscribing but anyways guys i hope you enjoyed and i will see you in the next one you 

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